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At Majestic Aluminium Finishing Ltd, we offer a wide range testing services in house and by one of our approved testing suppliers that is a UKAS accredited metallurgical test laboratory to ISO 17025, fully equipped to meet most metallurgical testing needs.

Our primary testing departments are analytical and corrosion science including chemical analysis, painted/plated finish salt spray and humidity testing, mechanical testing and metallography including failure investigations.

We also offer PCN certified Non Destructive Testing including ultrasonic, magnetic particle and dye penetrant inspection on customer site locations. We can also provide radiographic interpretation and arrange for radiography to be carried out at a fixed location.

Our list of services include:

Analytical and Corrosion Science

  • Chemical analysis

  • Painted or plated parts salt spray or humidity testing

  • Paint, phosphate, electroplate and plastic coating testing and assessments

  • Coating thickness, adhesion, coating weight and hardness testing

  • Salt Spray Testing

  • Pitting and crevice corrosion testing to ASTM G48

  • Intergranular corrosion tests (ICC) to ASTM G28 and ASTM A262


  • Tensile testing at room temperature or at elevated temperature.

Determination of r and n values (drawability and stretch formability indices) for flat rolled products

  • Impact testing-Izod and Charpy to BS EN and ASTM from ambient down to -196°C. Determination of % shear and lateral expansion.

  • Hardness testing-Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell, Microhardness and Equotip

  • Bend, Shear, Torque and compression/crush testing

  • Welding testing-procedures/welder qualification/production

  • Fasteners-tensile/proof load/wedge head soundness/hardness surface and core/decarburisation tests.


  • Hydrogen embrittlement assessment

  • Microstructure evaluation and defect assessments

  • Inclusion content, grain size determination

  • Graphite in cast irons-type/size/distribution

  • Determination of heat treatment condition, case depth, decarburisation

  • Ferrite content volume fraction

  • Image analysis

  • Weld assessments, macro examination/flow etch tests, photomicrographs

  • Failure Investigations of service and manufacturing failings

  • Production investigations and advice on manufacturing and process concerns

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) for fracture surface analysis

  • X-ray microanalysis of contaminants, small particles and constituents

  • Conductive/non-conductive materials identification down to Atomic No 5

  • Assessment and analysis of corrosion products

Heat Treatment

  • Small batch heat treatment of superalloys including solution treatment and sophisticated ageing regimes with subsequent mechanical test qualification.

Non Destructive Testing

  • Ultrasonic

  • Magnetic particle and dye penetrant inspection

  • Radiographic interpretation and arrangement of radiography testing